Steampunk airship
  • Moose Lake at dawn
  • Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt. 3
    Summer, Buddy Holly, the working follyGood golly, Miss Molly and boatsHammersmith Palais, the Bolshoi BalletJump back in the alley and nanny goatsEighteen wheeler Scammells, Dominica camelsAll other mammals plus equal votesSeeing Piccadilly, Fanny Smith and WillieBeing rather silly and porridge oatsA bit of grin and bear it, a bit of come and share itYou’re welcome… Read more: Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt. 3
  • For Guy
    I wished I was in Austin in the Chili Parlor BarDrinking Mad Dog Margaritas and not caring where you areBut here I sit in Dublin just rolling cigarettesHolding back and choking back the shakes with every breath So forgive me all my anger, forgive me all my faultsThere’s no need to forgive me for thinking… Read more: For Guy
  • Road Trip Time
  • For John
  • Winter
  • For Roky
    Well I found, yes I found,I just can’t be brought downI found, yes I found,I just can’t be brought downI can’t try brand like peoplesTexas fever can’t bring me around Roky Erickson
  • For Shane
    The boys of the NYPD choirWere singing, ‘Galway Bay’And the bells were ringing outFor Christmas Day
  • December Birding
  • Our New Home
  • 10/2/2023
    How does it feel?How does it feel?To be on your ownWith no direction homeA complete unknownLike a rolling stone? Bob Dylan
  • Kansas City
  • New Music Release
  • Migratory
    [ mahy-gruh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee ] adjective
  • The Grand Tour 2016
  • Today’s I Ching
    You are a stranger to this situation.It is your attraction to the exotic that has led you here, but you will move on to a new vista when this one has lost its mystique.Because much of this environment is foreign to you, you must exercise only the best judgement.You don’t know the custom here, and… Read more: Today’s I Ching
  • Warren Zevon at 20
    September 7 marks twenty years since Warren Zevon passed away. As a fan, one is left to consider which is the greater tragedy; that his life was so short, that his fame was so fleeting, or that he is best remembered for a goofy novelty song about werewolves. “Mom and Papa bought a Chickering, Everyday… Read more: Warren Zevon at 20
  • The Aubrey-Maturin Novels
    There are readers, and there are re-readers. More than once, wonderment was expressed in my hearing of the notion of reading a book one has already read. Which is a fair stance, if considered against the measureless mountains of Books I Haven’t Read Yet. But there are also those who can revisit a beloved work… Read more: The Aubrey-Maturin Novels
  • For Warren Z.
    I went to the Henley regatta,Intending to put out to sea,They pronounced me persona non grata,Goes to show that you can’t come and go as you please. -Warren Zevon
  • Hell In Texas
    Oh, the Devil in hell, they say he was chained,And there for a thousand years he remained.He never complained, no, nor did he roam,But decided he’d start up a hell of his own. He’d start up a hell of his own,Where he could torment the souls of menFree from the walls of his prison den.So… Read more: Hell In Texas
  • Current Reading – Leon Russell by Bill Janovitz
    The book is encyclopedic in coverage; Janovitz talks to very nearly everyone significant in Leon’s life and career, with the exception of ex-wife Mary. Born Russell Bridges in Tulsa OK, a child prodigy who began playing piano at 4, he became a fixture on the local music scene, then made the pilgramage to L.A. There… Read more: Current Reading – Leon Russell by Bill Janovitz