Are you that guy?

Not that guy

Michael Shaw, Baron Shaw of Northstead (1920–2021), British politician

Michael Shaw (born 1989), American football player

Michael Shaw, American politician from Maine

Mike Shaw (1957–2010), professional wrestler

Mike Shaw, fictional character (Family Affairs)

Mike Shaw, early open-heart surgery patient of C. Walton Lillehei

Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart, 8th Baronet (Michael Hugh Shaw-Stewart, 1854–1942), Scottish politician

Michael James Shaw, American actor

Mike Shaw, Auto dealer, Corpus Christi Texas

That guy

DJ at KISS-FM, San Antonio

Video producer, Zintgraff Photographers, San Antonio Texas

Multi-image producer, Quest Productions, San Antonio Texas

Photographer and video producer, MULTICOM, San Antonio Texas

Electronic publishing consultant, The Psychological Corporation, San Antonio Texas

Pre-press consultant, U.S. & Canada

Multimedia developer, IBM, Atlanta Georgia

Director of IT, The Smart Group, Atlanta Georgia

Rogue Squadron developer, Monster, Atlanta Georgia

FileMaker developer, San Antonio Texas

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