FileMaker Pro Consultation & Training

In many cases, business and education users have a custom FileMaker solution, often built by the business owner or IT administrator.
If you would like to take complete ownership of your FileMaker solution, or take your development to the next level, I offer classroom and one-on-one developer consultation and training.

Student Quotes

“Everything was excellent, and did not feel like it was above my level of comprehension. Furthermore, Michael used examples that were appropriate to my work environment.”

“Great way to execute curriculum based on existing knowledge. Great class! Thank you!”

“Michael was attentive and engaging.”

“Liked making exercises more than performing book exercises. I feel like I learned more this way. Dialogue was on a good, understandable level. Great job!”

“I liked the way Michael used examples ad hoc to build  examples. I got a great deal out of the class and am sure I will benefit from the knowledge. Thanks.”

“Thanks for the tips!! Thanks for the patience with our questions!!!”

“Once again, thank you Michael for the great foundation to expand and develop my career.”