FileMaker Pro Database Design

Off-the-shelf software solutions tend to fall into two categories. It's too small, or lacks crucial needed capabilities; or its too big, overpriced and loaded with features you'll never use.
Custom solutions built with FileMaker® Pro software are in a category of their own. Custom made to your exact requirements, based on a proven and mature technology. Scaleable and expandable, and ready to be customized as your requirements grow and change.

Now you can unleash the power of FileMaker Pro to your iPad and iPhone users with FileMaker Go. FileMaker Go will help your mobile users do all this and more:

  • Close sales deals faster by uploading signed contracts from the road
  • Update project status and task lists from the job site to keep everyone on track and up to date.
  • Log research results in the field and send┬áreal-time updates to the lab.
  • Scan bar codes in the warehouse to instantly update inventory levels on the sales floor.
  • Collect patient data in the examination room for immediate access by doctors and nurses.

Michael Shaw - FileMaker Pro Developer

I am a senior-level FileMaker developer with over twenty years experience, including database design, scripting, and interface design. Experienced with FileMaker Server and multi-user solutions, and FileMaker web publishing. My solutions have been used by clients like Monster Worldwide and TMP Worldwide to manage advertising for American Airlines, Fed Ex, US Air Force Reserve, TSA, and Orkin. If you have a legacy FileMaker project or a new solution requirement, call me for a consultation.