Managing Research Data With FileMaker Pro

Millions of users manage their business, educational, and organizational data with FileMaker. But custom apps built with FileMaker are also used by research teams around the world to improve data gathering and analysis. Results can be presented in a variety of printed and electronic formats, and integrated with other data sources. Read case studies here.

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FileMaker Annual Licensing Renewal – Decisions and Opportunities

If you have a multi-user FileMaker solution with annual licensing coming up for renewal, this is the perfect time to consider the new hosting options available with FileMaker Cloud or FileMaker Licensing for Teams. Simplify and reduce your costs and move your mission-critical business application to AWS, the leading cloud services platform. Contact me to evaluate your opportunities.

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FileMaker 16 Released

Its official, FileMaker Pro 16 has been released. New features include improved support for location-based solutions using GPS and iBeacons, support for oAuth user authentication, and improved interface design tools. Improved support for cURL and JSON means your FileMaker solution can more efficiently connect to online data sources.

Call for an analysis of your custom application requirements and what FileMaker Pro 16 can do for you.

FileMaker Cloud Arrives

Now your hosted FileMaker solution can use the most powerful and reliable hosting on the internet. FileMaker Cloud is licensed and delivered through Amazon Web Services, for quick deployment, economical usage-drive fees, and instant scalability. Call today to discuss how your team can share their business data efficiently.

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