FileMaker 17 – Time To Shed The Spreadsheet

FileMaker 17 is shipping. This time around, most of the improvements are “under the hood” developer-oriented features. One exception is FileMaker 17’s improved support for JSON, an open-standard file format that is rapidly replacing XML as the standard format for web-published data. This makes it easier to integrate outside data sources into your FileMaker solution.FM 17’s improved productivity makes this the perfect time for a custom business app to replace the spreadsheet you might be using to manage your sales, inventory, or payroll.

Many business use large, cumbersome Excel spreadsheet for data management, developed in-house using MS Office as the most available tool. Their weakness is that it’s easy to make data entry errors, and large spreadsheets using complicated formulas can be difficult to update and troubleshoot.

FileMaker can directly import your spreadsheet data, and move you to an efficient mobile or desktop app, giving you a firm foundation to build on as your business grows and your requirements evolve.

Are FileMaker solutions business ready? Just ask corporate users like Toyota Motor, Berkshire Hathaway, Honda Motor, Costco, Panasonic, Nissan Motor, Chevron, BMW Group, Home Depot, Wells Fargo,  Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, Hitachi, Citigroup, Fujitsu, Deutsche Telekom, Comcast, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, UPS, Intel, FedEx, Cisco Systems, HP, Christian Dior, Coca-Cola, American Airlines Group, Merck, Delta Air Lines, and many more.

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